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Create a free account on Mabotse Nextasy that will give you the platform to order any of our exciting packages. The account is obligation free and we will never charge you a cent for having an account on Mabotse Nextasy.

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There are great articles, How-Tos and videos that you can access with your free account.
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Order new package

The Mabotse Nextasy complete management tool allows you to order a new package and pay the package online by credit card, paypal, payfast or EFT.
Depending on the status of your desired website URL and the complexity of your package's look and feel, the website can be live on the internet within 48 hours.

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You can select from our ever growing list of pre-defined package layouts

Preferring a pre-defined package layout greatly reduces the length of development of your website.

Or you can choose a complete custom layout.
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Payment Gateways

Every package of Mabotse Nextasy comes with the following free payment gateways to facilitate online payments in your service.

  • Mabotse Nextasy integrates with EFT(eletronic funds transfer)
  • Mabotse Nextasy integrates with PayPal
  • Mabotse Nextasy integrates with PayFast

Customize your package

Our represntatives will be in contact with you to finalize your order and to customize your package by deciding on the look and feel of the website.
We will incorporate your corporate colors, fonts and desired layout. We ask that you already have a logo but you need a new logo we can create a new logo for you at a nominal fee.

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We can customize your package from one of our existing look and feel or we can create a completely new look and feel for you.
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3rd party payment gateways

The payments gateways listed above are free and have no montly fee. You can order additional payment gateways and incorporate them in your package.

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The more additional payment gateways you add the more customer payment options you can offer on your package resulting in increase cashflow from paying customers.
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SEO and Google Ranking

Mabotse Nextasy packages are built with SEO in mind to ensure that your website ranks very high on Google. We shall endeavour use get your website as high as possible on Google ranking using organic search tags and terms.

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People who do Google searches hardly ever go to the search pagge of results even though most search results produce millions of pages.