Online Shopping Cart

A shopping cart that allows your customers to pick, choose and match the items that they want to buy before proceeding to the checkout page of your online web store.

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Your customers can share their shopping cart contents with their friends
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Orders and Inventory Management

Order management allows for order fulfillment and better tracking of shipments to customers. Inventory management alert you of the pre-set threashold at which point the system will automatically notify and generate a purchase order that you must then physically issue and send to your suppliers.

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Most customers expect their orders to be delivered overnight and have the ordered items in their hands the following day.
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Dynamic Menu Management

Dynamic menu display that allow for customization of your displayed menu based on the time of day and week. Menu can be uploaded as a static pdf or the system can generate a PDF out of the individual menu items that you have captured.

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You can have a breakfast menu and a lunch menu but only one will display at the appropriate time.
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Blog Management

Blog management allows you to create meaningful and informative blogs articles about the spa and beauty industry in general. The blog management is SEO optimized and will thus allow your blog articles to appear high in Google search results when a potential client searches for something similar to your blog articles.

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Blogs are the biggest source of organic(free) traffic to your website.
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